Amy's Big Wish Episode 1

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Description: In this sweet 3D animation from AgentRedGirl, we meet Candice, also known as Candy Cane, as she begins her day as a lonely futanari housewife. Her wife, Amanda, is away on business, leaving Candice to find ways to keep herself entertained.

Starting her morning routine, Candice brushes her teeth and makes a cup of coffee in her cozy pink underwear. But her morning pick-me-up doesn't stop there - she also finds energy in a unique way. Candice has a special fondness for the smell of genitals, even her own! She takes a moment to indulge in self-pleasure, savoring the scent afterwards.

Panties are another favorite of hers, so she decides to have a little fun with them later on by using them while enjoying some solo time. Trying to reach out to Amanda, she leaves a sweet message on her voicemail expressing how much she misses her.

Feeling a bit lonely, Candice settles down on the couch with a romance novel in hand to distract herself. Love is in the air, even if it's just in the pages of a book.
ARTIST ⭐️: AgentRedGirl